These Are the Yoga Poses Everyone Does Wrong


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In case you’ve by no means taken a yoga class earlier than, the quite a few poses may be fairly intimidating. Downward dealing with canine, crow pose, cat and cow, wheel, warrior, the listing goes on. And in case your first expertise is in an overflowing class, the trainer doubtless gained’t have an opportunity to ensure you’re completely positioned in every posture.

Granted, yoga is all about going with what feels proper in your physique. However doing sure poses incorrectly can result in muscle imbalances and probably even accidents down the street. And it’s essential to notice that beginner yogis aren’t the one ones prone to errors. Even when you’ve been training yoga for years, there could also be room for enchancment.

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On this video, yoga teacher Kirby Koo demonstrates 4 widespread yoga type errors, plus learn how to right them. 

No time to observe? Listed here are some fast fixes for every pose:

Downward dealing with canine

The issue: Hunched shoulders.

The repair: Draw shoulders away from ears, outwardly rotate arms.


The issue: “Bat wing” shoulder blades.

The repair: Draw shoulder blades aside, broaden via collar bones.

Upward dealing with canine

The issue: Head tipped too far again, crunching decrease again.

The repair: Decrease chin, draw shoulders away from ears, raise thighs off the bottom.


The issue: Crunching again of neck, “bat wing” shoulder blades.

The repair: Draw shoulder blades aside, deliver sternum ahead.