What Are Electrolytes and Why Do We Need Them?


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You already know you are presupposed to replenish your electrolytes after a killer sweat session, with sips like coconut water and sports activities drinks. However what are electrolytes, precisely? And why do our our bodies want them?

This new video from the American Chemical Society breaks down the science behind the essential salts (yep, they're salts). In a nutshell: As soon as electrolytes (assume calcium, potassium, magnesium, and plain previous desk salt) are in our our bodies, they dissolve into constructive and adverse fees. These costs have two foremost features: Regulating the circulate of water out and in of cells, and sparking nerve impulses. 

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With out electrolytes, "our cells would shrivel up and die, or burst from being too full," the clip's narrator explains. And people nerve impulses electrolytes management? They maintain our our bodies functioning correctly—you realize, "our hearts beating, our lungs respiration, and our brains studying." So there's that.

Whenever you work out, electrolytes get deposited into sweat glands. Water follows the electrolytes (thanks, osmosis), and because the glands fill up, they launch the salty combine onto your pores and skin.

The water then evaporates, which makes you are feeling cooler—and also you're left with that salty style in your pores and skin (do not act like you do not know what we imply).

As for why health instructors are all the time reminding you to drink up after class, it is as a result of dropping too many electrolytes can mess together with your blood strain, respiration, and extra. 

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All this speak concerning the mega-importance of electrolytes may having you craving a Gatorade. However this is the factor: Until you are a professional athlete, you are in all probability getting a adequate quantity of electrolytes via your common weight-reduction plan—no neon-colored drinks needed.

And who wants the sugar in most sports activities drinks? Because the narrator factors out, "in the event you’re doing a half-hour of cardio, a single bottle of the stuff offers you all of the energy you simply labored off." 

The flick's take-away recommendation: Keep on with water to hydrate, and save the sports activities drinks in your subsequent marathon.